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A note on the server crash (March 2011)

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We are sorry to say that, since about the 7th of March to about the 22nd of April 2011, the irawiki server has been down, because of a hardware failure of the disks.

Initially, we were going to restore the content from the backup, but (quite unfortunate) the backup disk turned out to fail as well, although it was a brand new disk (it was in service since just two weeks).

The irawiki server has been therefore down during that period, as we were waiting the response of a company specialising in disk recovery.

On April 22nd 2011 we had the final reply: the disk could not be recovered, i.e., the server contents are lost, and the wiki needs to be rewritten. As this is a quite large task, please expect to find many empty or partially empty pages.

We would be pleased to be asked to restore specific pages first. Here is an Agenda Irawiki, about the ongoing work of rebuilding the wiki.

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