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Camera calibration panels

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All Camera Calibration Panels we have @ iralab.

Picture PID (PanelID) Size (cm) number of squares/circles Square size (cm) Material Where Notes
IMG_20121130_133111.jpg 001 120x160 3x4 and 10x14 40x40 and 10x10 Iralab
IMG_20121130_133206.jpg 002 120x160 7x13 n/a Iralab DLT Calibration
IMG_20121130_133418.jpg 003 120x180 7x14 n/a Iralab DLT Calibration
IMG_20121130_133304.jpg 004 135x135 6x6 20 u5


005 50x27 7x9 and 7x10 2.7 and 13.6 Iralab SVS Calibration Panel
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