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Cesarei Elisa

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email cesarei - at - disco dot unimib dot it ( elice 78 ma senza lo spazio tra elice e 78, deinde chiocciola mail di google )
curriculum vitae

May 2005: Computer Engineering Master degree, Università “La Sapienza”, Rome (106/110). Master’s Thesis title: “Integration of a database for a vehicle fleet planning, management and control”. Developed at “INRIA” (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation)in the context of “IMARA” team (Computer Science, Mathematics and Control for the Automated Road)

Work Experience: application development and testing of mobile handsets

  1. IOT engineer at Sony Ericsson, Madrid,
  2. Quality Assurance Manager at Beeweeb s.p.a.
  3. Defect Manager at“Tre Italia”
  4. Web test engineer and consultant - 3GHandset Group at "Tre Italia"
  5. Software-IOT engineer at “Qualcomm”
  6. Software engineer at “INRIA
Current role at Iralab

Research assistant for the OMMAVE project. CesareiElisaWorkedHours

Tempistiche Fase2:

Sviluppo di un applicativo per Laser Odometry

Sviluppo in Matlab

1) Data association; > checkpoint: 3 febbraio

2)Calcolo RT > checkpoint: 9 febbraio

3)scrittura SDD (schema delle classi secondo un modello, e.g.UML) > checkpoint: 16 Febbraio

Sviluppo in C++

4)Data association > checkpoint: 1 Marzo

5)Calcolo RT > checkpoint: 8 Marzo

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