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Debug ROS nodes with SublimeText2

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If you want to debug with sublime text 2 you should install the quarnster's sublimeGDB package (through package manager)

After that you will notice that debugging will not start properly. This is because the gdb session does not have some environment variables

I suggest to create an init file with something like this

set environment ROS_MASTER_URI = http://localhost:11311

Your project file should look like this:

			"path": "/path/of/your/project"
         "sublimegdb_workingdir": "${home}/path/of/your/project",
         // NOTE: You MUST provide --interpreter=mi for the plugin to work
         "sublimegdb_commandline": "gdb --interpreter=mi",
         "sublimegdb_exec_cmd": "source launch.gdb"


where launch.gdb contains the line above. Then you should load the executable:

file path/executableName

then set breakpoints and run!

of course you can make a more complex launch.gdb: mine is like this

source ~/rosinit.gdb

define deltaOctreeTest
	file bin/deltaOctreeTest

this way I have only one place where the ros_master_uri is defined and I can select the executable to load and run with only one command..

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