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Furlan Axel

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Axel Furlan Ph.D Candidate

Current position: Visiting Student at Stanford University

Visiting Student at University of Michigan

email furlan at disco dot unimib dot it

furlan at umich dot edu

Main research topics
Current project
Other research topics
Projects at IRALAB
  • GA08
    • Multicamera building-wide robot/people tracking.
    • Robot autonomous navigation using robotic arm for opening doors and taking elevators.
  • RAWSEEDS project
    • Huge dataset acquisition for SLAM problems
    • Sensors:
      • Single, binocular, trinocular and omnidirectional cameras
      • Laser scanners and ultrasound range sensors
      • DGPS, IMU and wheel motion sensors
    • Visual SLAM problem solution proposal
    • Robot building from-scratch (mechanics, electronics and control)
  • MRT, Milan Robocup Team
  • USAD, Urban Shuttles Autonomously Driven
    • 3D 6DoF self-localization and navigation
    • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • RoboCom
    • Robot building from-scratch (mechanics, electronics and control)
Teaching assistant
  • Architettura (mod. Elaboratori)
  • Informatica Industriale
  • Computer Vision Lab
  • Robotics I Lab
  • Robotics II Lab
Master degree thesis

Object detection and robust tracking system in a probabilistic multi-hypothesis framework.

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