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The first board of the IRABoard family was developed for the control of Rabbiati, the goal keeper of MRT, Milan Robocup Team. It is based on the Microchip PIC micro-controllers and is able to decode two encoder signals and to control two brushed DC motors and two kicker devices.

In the years it was redesigned and adapted for the more general purpose of controlling a differential drive mobile robot, integrating USB interface with PC, integrated Quadrature Encoder readings and generic motor interface (suitable for both brushed DC motors and servos). The last versions are built with SMD components only.

In the years many contributors worked at this activity, exchanging ideas for electronic and software, software, components, etc. with our colleagues at "Artifial Intelligence and Robotics" Lab. in Politecnico di Milano ([1], [2]), so that now the products are not always clearly distinguishable. Contributors have been: Cuzzotti Fabrizio, Marzorati Daniele, Furlan Axel, Ingrao Marco, and many others.

se il ponte h non arriva a certe tensioni/correnti si possono usare integrati di pilotaggio di diodi/mosfet, come ad esempio: http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM5050-2.html#Overview

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