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Image acquisition with Photonfocus and Prosilica

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In this page we describe how to successfully install the software needed to acquire from a photonfocus gige camera. This procedure also apply to prosilica cameras. Of course you need to check the voltages of each camera!


Software installation

The software you need to install is GEVPlayer, given with eBUS SDK Package.

You can download eBUS from http://www.photonfocus.com/html/eng/support/software.php or from http://www.pleora.com/ (in this site you need registration). Choose a linux version (actually tested and workin with the redHat version on Ubuntu 11.04 x64 and Ubuntu 9.04 32bit). Extract the .run file, make it executable and launch it with superuser privileges.

cd Downloads
unzip ebus_sdk*.zip
chmod +x eBUS_SDK_2.1.1.2181_redhat-EL-5.4.run
sudo ./eBUS_SDK_2.1.1.2181_redhat-EL-5.4.run


One common error is

/usr/local/ebus_sdk/bin/GEVPlayer.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libexpat.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

in ubuntu distributions libexpat.so.0 is not provided while is provided libexpat.so.1. Since the .so.0 version is only a link to the .so.1 version you can simply solve this error by creating the link in every directory where there is libexpat.so.1

locate libexpat.so.1
sudo ln libexpat.so.1 libexpat.so.0

Camera connection

The camera need a supply voltage of 12V (**Photonfocus only, check the manual for other cameras!!!**), through the specific connector. The connection is with a normal RJ45 cable.


Go to /usr/local/ebus_sdk/bin and launch GEVPlayer

 cd /usr/local/ebus_sdk/bin

Click the "Select/Connect" button and select the camera to connect to. If the IP address is wrong, maybe you need to check "Show unreachable GigE Vision Devices", then select the (just appeared) camera and click "Set IP Address..."

From the main view of GEVPlayer you can choose to acquire a single frame or a continuous stream. To save images you need to set the folder from Tools > Save images, check Enable Image Saving, insert the path for images and then uncheck Enable Image Saving (unless you want to acquire the entire stream). Then Play and use Tools > Save Current Image to grab the frame.


Factory reset

If the camera does not work try a factory reset


  • Status led is red, when capturing an image
  • No image is sent to gev player (image count under the image itself)
  • Camera is not found my GEVPlayer

What to do:

  1. Find a computer that can connect to the camera.. in case try with windows
  2. Click on the "Device control" button
  3. Find "Camera_FactoryReset"
  4. Click on "{Command}": a new button will appear
  5. Click on the new button to perform the factory reset

Older software version

It seems that the new version has some problems.. You should try the 2.0.3

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