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Indoor autonomous navigation with object interaction

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The task of this project is to develop a robot that is able to guide people and to deliver small packets through an indoor environment (using an elevator and opening doors when necessary). This project uses the Volksbot RT3 mobile base.

This project involves a mobile base with a robotic arm. The aim of the project is the realization of a robot able to move in an office environment with doors and elevators, to carry material between offices when needed and to follow or lead people in specific areas.

robot.jpg Mobile Robot with Hooked Arm for Doors, Elevators and Scouting (MrHades) - Sacchi Francesco bachelor thesis

This project is an evolution of Road: we realized a new version of the arm, with three links in a puma-like configuration. Also the mobile base had been changed with a Volksbot RT3. We also introduced ROS as a middleware and improved the navigation system with an amcl module and a more sofisticated planner.

MrHades (Mobile Robot with Hooked Arm for Doors,Elevators and Scouting) remastered - Bassani Sebastiano bachelor thesis

MrHades project has been improved in some mechanical parts and software, in particular using a framework to follow trajectories.

Dodhek (Detector Of Doors Handle and Elevator Keyboard) - Vocella Simon bachelor thesis



ROAD (Robot Opens All the Doors) - Galbiati Andrea bachelor thesis

This project involves a two-link planar arm, mounted on a Pioneer P3DX with a camera to find handles and open doors

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