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Insert images by link

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Actually if you put a link to an image, the image itself is rendered.. so if I simply write


I see


Unfortunately you can not choose the size or add a caption.. Well the caption is not extremely important since you can describe the image in the text, if you need it. But sometimes the image is huge and you don't want to fill the page with the image only...

Here google helps.. again..

Imagine that you shot a photo and uploaded into picasa web album or google plus photos.. well google gives you a link for each image, something like this


I'm sure you noticed that number.. and it is exactly what you are thinking.. you can set the size from the url! So let's see what happens if i write this:


IMG20111025_001.jpg IMG20111025_001.jpg IMG20111025_001.jpg IMG20111025_001.jpg amazing!

Remember that if you edit the image from google (rotate, crop and so on) the link changes! so edit before putting it on the wiki

I want to show you another trick..

From google docs you can make drawings.. useful for diagrams and other stuff.. well you can link the image so that if you change the drawing the wiki image is automatically updated. Simply follow these four steps:

  • Make the document public from file>publish to the web
  • copy the link
  • edit the link adding &.png so that mediawiki thinks it's an image and google does not mind for the extra parameter
  • that's it.. of course you can adjust the size from the url.. maybe in the link there are both height and width.. i usually remove one so that the other is computed accordingly...






RESULT: pub?id=1kDGhrvztzj2YrqO2MI2wO2xgkj71PgwIqUEoeuCVLc0&w=69&.png pub?id=1kDGhrvztzj2YrqO2MI2wO2xgkj71PgwIqUEoeuCVLc0&w=169&.png pub?id=1kDGhrvztzj2YrqO2MI2wO2xgkj71PgwIqUEoeuCVLc0&w=269&.png

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