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Marzorati Daniele

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email d dot marzorati at info solution (tutto attaccato) punto it
activity at iralab
  • laurea specialistica stud., project World modeling 3D per robotica mobile indoor performed for the course Computer vision, laurea specialistica thesis;
  • research assistant for the Madsys project (co-development of the multi-camera system for monitoring the motion of the mobile platforms),
  • Ph.D. stud., project Uncertainty modeling in 3D Vision-based S.L.A.M. performed as Ph.D. thesis,
  • research assistant for the RAWSEEDS project (development of the Robocom mobile platform),
  • teaching assistant for Computer vision,
  • teaching assistant for Robotics (complements),
  • teaching assistant for Informatica Industriale,
  • teaching assistant for Computer architecture,
  • research associate for the M.R.T. (Milan Robocup Team) project (development of vision modules, development of behaviours, physical setup of robots, etc. etc.),
  • research associate for the RAWSEEDS project (development of the Benchmark solution "Hierachical SLAM based on Trinocular vision").
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