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The OMMAVE project is funded by Regione Lombardia, under the programme Sviluppo Capitale Umano, Info Solution S.p.A., and Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca. The project begins December 2011 and ends December 2013.

The project funds research personnel, to pursue a company-defined research objective of interest to the company in the consortium. OMMAVE stands for Odometria Multisensoriale per la Mobilità Automatica di VEicoli (Multi-sensorial Odometry for the Automatic Mobility of Vehicles).

A call for a research position was open.

The personnel involved in the research is listed here.



Quick Notes


  • the original IMU sensor is bugged, I've signaled the problem and the solution to the community [1]
  • it seems that it is impossible to add new sensor to gazebo from the external (the sensor factory is hardcoded)
  • hector_gazebo_plugins [2] provides a different IMU implemented as a plugin of the model
  • the original laser scanner sensor is bugged, I've signaled the problem and the solution to the community [3] and [4]
    • I don't know it has been corrected right now, I've fixed my gazebo code, compiled and re-installed
  • be careful with gazebo::math::Pose, operators (like +,-) works in the opposite way w.r.t what commonly means.
    • e.g. T^w_b = T^w_a * T_b^a = T_b^a + T_a^w using the gazebo operator
  • check graphics driver, they change drastically gazebo performances
    • sudo apt-get install nux-tools
    • /usr/lib/nux/unitysupporttest -p
    • check results with this [5]
    • add ppa repository from here [6] and update your system

Interesting links

  • Paul Newman research group: [7]
  • Martin Peniak mars rover project [8]


A Dell Vostro 3560 has been bought in February 2013 for ommave project it has a preinstalled windows 8 OS and xubuntu 12.04.2 has been installed by Simone Ceriani on 01-03-2013

The installation of xubuntu was not straightforward, since the system has the new UEFI boot mode

in particular, after the installation I'd installled the boot-repair tool through the following steps

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

then, run boot-repair in a terminal and choose recommended repair

The initial grub menu its full of options, in particular, use the first 1 to run xubuntu, use windows UEFI recovery bootmgfw.efi to run windows 8

both windows and linux has the ommave user, which password is written in the discussion part of this page

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