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SVS for Videre Design stereo head

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Actually the videre design site does not exists. There is only the site http://users.rcn.com/mclaughl.dnai/ but the svs software is not available to download. You can download the software from here Media:Svs44g.zip‎.


The Videre Design stereo heads work with two firewire cables. We have a PCMCA card with three slots but you need to use a laptop. On Ribaldo/pioneer there is the software already installed. To use that you need to add to the library path the svs bin folder in order to let it find the needed libraries

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/pioneer/svs44g/bin

Then launch smallvcal with root rights

sudo ./smallvcal

Tips and tricks

  • instead of saving and loading calibration parameters from the calibration window, save and load from the smallvcal window: it also save calibration parameters and seems to work
  • the speckle filter from the smallvcal window is not useful. Its better to set it from the parameter file (save parameters to file -> edit file -> load parameters from file)
  • the warp button have to be selected for good results. Available only after successful calibration.

Bugs and need to check

  • sometimes it crashes
  • don't know if it loads calibration correctly[[Category::ExportedToRedmine]]
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