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We are currently transitioning to a new web system, so we are not updating this wikisite anymore.

The public part of the new web system is available at http://www.ira.disco.unimib.it

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About irawiki being down since March 7th 2011

We are sorry to say that, since about the 7th of March 2011, the irawiki server has been down, because of a hardware failure of the disks. We were going to restore the content from the backup, but (quite unfortunate) the backup disk turned out to fail as well, although it was a brand new disk (two weeks from delivery!).

The irawiki server has been therefore down since then, while we were waiting the response of a company specialising in disk recovery.

Since April 22nd 2011, we know the disk cannot be recovered, i.e., the contents are lost, and need to be rewritten. As this is a quite large task, please expect to find many empty pages.

We would be pleased to be asked to restore specific pages.

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