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Ballardini Augusto Luis

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Augusto Luis Ballardini

Current Position PhD Student - http://www.ira.disco.unimib.it/people/ballardini-augusto-luis/
email augusto [dot] ballardini [at] ira [dot] disco [dot] unimib [dot] it

ballardini [at] disco [dot] unimib [dot] it

aballardini [at] tiscali [dot] it

trigal [at] gmail [dot] com

Activity at IRALAB
  • Laurea magistrale stud., project VisionBasedAutonomousDriving0910 performed for the course Computer Vision;
  • Laurea magistrale stud., project SPI_Accelerometers performed for the course Informatica Industriale;
  • Laurea magistrale stud., project CartFirstMotion performed for the course Robotics (complements), and as laurea magistrale thesis (configurazione ros, costruzione supporto laser, creazione software di controllo cart)
  • Laurea magistrale stud., project CartInMotion performed for the course Robotics (complements), and as laurea magistrale thesis (introducing 6DOF world model)
  • Laurea magistrale stud., project Beam Model with a 6DoF pose performed for the course Fondamenti di Robotica
Teaching assistant
  • 2012/2013 - Architettura degli Elaboratori
  • 2012/2013 - Percezione e Robotica (ex. visione artificiale + robotica complementi)
Other pages

Useful links (internal)
  • Notebook di Wolfram Mathematica con calcoli di rotazioni e traslazioni 3d (virtualmente N-dim) che ho utilizzato per l'odometry model 6dof di AMCL. Può essere utile come mini-tutorial e come base di partenza per altri calcoli.
Useful links (external)

with * also in pdf on g.drive

Cool stuff

ROS on raspberry-pi, http://www.ros.org/wiki/ROSberryPi/Setting%20up%20ROS%20on%20RaspberryPi

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